Top 5 Private Equity/Buying Groups

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Greg Cummings, CEO

"Through our experience and research, we have found there are many different ways to sell your company, making it a daunting task for our top CEOs when this time in their journey comes. Power100 is here to guide, facilitate, & support CEOs who are ready to take the next step in exiting their companies. Through our 5-layer proprietary ranking systems, we have uncovered the top 5 Private Equity/Buying Groups looking to help you transition on your terms - each with their own strengths depending on your needs."


To be the STRONGEST external asset for our Top Ranked CEOs.

We understand the inevitable. A business has 5 real options when a CEO is thinking of transitioning out:‚Äč



Hand The Business Down



Go The ESOP Route

(Employee Stock Ownership Plan)



Go Public



Close Your Doors



Sell The Company

Exit Strategies Tailored To Your Needs

Through our knowledge, research, & experience, any of the above could be viable options for any one person at any particular time. But, what’s yours? The only way to better understand which method is best for your situation, there is one question you need to answer:

What do I want for my clients, employees, & reputation post-sale?

Understanding the answer to this question is essential to tailoring your exit strategy specific to your needs. We have identified the Top 5 Private Equity/Buying Groups. However, they all have their strengths, specialties, what they’re good at, and, quite frankly, what they’re not so good at – subjective to your situation.

Exclusively for our Top 100 companies, we will have a preliminary consultation to help understand what you want & need to ensure we point you in the right direction. Once identified, Power100 will orchestrate the introduction to the buying group that aligns most with your needs and support the relationship throughout the process to ensure it & your transition is as smooth as possible. Without further ado, below you will find the Top 5 Private Equity/Buying Groups who align with our 5-layer proprietary ranking criteria and are strong candidates to help you transition out of your business on your terms.

Top 5 Private Equity/Buying Groups

Omina Exterior Solutions


Great Day Improvements


Infinity Exteriors


Vortex Service Partners


Leaf Home


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