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The Avengers Of The Home Improvement Industry

"Selecting our Advisory Board was about finding visionaries who share Power100's passion for innovation and excellence. Each member's unique expertise ensures we remain industry leaders. Together, we're building a future that transcends traditional boundaries, and I couldn't be more excited about this team."

~ Greg Cummings, Power100 CEO 

Meet the Power100 Advisory Board
At Power100, we believe that innovation and strategic growth are driven by collaboration and diverse expertise. That’s why we’ve assembled a top-tier Advisory Board, comprising individuals who are leaders in their respective fields.

Our Vision
The Power100 Advisory Board is an instrumental part of our commitment to excellence, ethics, and innovation. We’ve carefully selected our members to ensure a well-rounded and balanced approach, avoiding internal conflicts of interest and embracing varied perspectives.

Who We Are
Our Advisory Board consists of five distinguished professionals with backgrounds ranging from business and technology to ethics and social responsibility. Together, they provide invaluable insights, guidance, and direction to Power100, ensuring we align with industry best practices and pursue opportunities that resonate with our core values.

What We Do
The Advisory Board meets regularly to discuss key initiatives, assess ongoing projects, and strategize for future success. Through open dialogue, rigorous analysis, and collective decision-making, the Board helps shape Power100’s vision and mission, guiding us towards innovative solutions and long-term growth.

Join Us
We are always on the lookout for extraordinary talents and unique perspectives to enhance our team. If you believe you can contribute to Power100’s mission, please contact us to explore opportunities with our Advisory Board.

The Power100 Advisory Board is more than just a think tank; it’s a dynamic collaboration of minds dedicated to propelling Power100 forward. Together, we strive to make a lasting impact, driving success through innovation, integrity, and shared passion for excellence.

Power100 takes pride in providing the nation’s best CEOs with an opportunity to be seen and heard within this $800+ billion industry. 

POWER100 Advisory Board

Steve McNary

Steve McNary, a luminary in business development and strategic partnerships, is an integral member of the Power100 Advisory Board. Holding a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of the Incarnate Word, Steve’s expertise spans technology, finance, and real estate. During his tenure as CEO of Southwest Exteriors, he has transformed the company into a beacon of excellence, emphasizing love and exemplary client experiences. His diverse background includes roles as an Exterior Designer and teaching pastor at Rockhills Church. At Power100, Steve’s strategic insights and ability to identify growth opportunities are pivotal in steering the company’s mission, empowering CEOs in the $800+ billion exterior home remodeling industry with innovative solutions.

Paul Burleson

Paul Burleson, with his 35 years of industry expertise, stands as a vanguard in the building products sector. A Senior Account Executive at Westlake Royal Building Products, his journey has seen him excel in roles at Englert Inc., Alcoa, and Ply Gem, showcasing his versatility from manufacturing to sales. Known for revolutionizing home selling processes, Paul’s skills in product knowledge, persuasive language, and customer rapport make him a key asset to the Power100 Advisory Board. His approach in shaping selling strategies and enhancing customer engagement is pivotal to Power100’s mission, nurturing innovation and growth within the $800+ billion exterior home remodeling industry.

Charlie Gindele

Charlie Gindele, a visionary in the $800+ billion exterior home remodeling industry, brings over five decades of unparalleled expertise to the Power100 Advisory Board. From his early days in Philadelphia to his notable journey in California, Charlie has been a transformative figure in home improvement. His achievements include founding a successful residential roofing company, venturing into residential window replacement, and earning accolades like the Renewal by Andersen Best of the Best award. At Power100, Charlie’s extensive experience, particularly in financial controls and people management, provides invaluable guidance, shaping strategic planning and fostering growth.

Tom Traub

Tom Traub, a dynamic figure in the $800+ billion exterior home remodeling industry, serves as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Renaissance Windows & Doors. With a B.A. in Communications and Public Relations from the University of North Florida, his career spans over two decades, marked by leadership roles at SoftLite Windows & Doors, heroal, and Gorell Windows & Doors. At Power100, Tom brings a wealth of expertise in sales and marketing, driving strategies that align with the company’s mission. His deep understanding of market trends and customer dynamics, combined with his effective communication skills, make him a crucial asset in shaping the future of Power100 and the industry.

Charlie Cina

Charlie Cina, a distinguished figure in the realm of business growth, is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and business owners. With a rich background in various industries including automotive, construction, and software, Cina has successfully collaborated with notable clients such as Wynn Resort, Pepsi, and Tony Robbins. His hands-on experience in building a 7-figure business from the ground up uniquely positions him to offer invaluable insights. At the heart of his work is a commitment to helping others articulate their value, dominate their market, and discover the “riches in niches.” His extensive experience in creating virtual interactive online training platforms and his proven track record in client acquisition and sales cycle reduction are assets that will significantly contribute to Power100’s mission of fostering innovation and growth among its members.

Tim Musch

Tim Musch brings over four decades of rich experience to the Power100 Advisory Board, distinguished by 30 years in developing technology solutions for the remodeling industry and 15 years in a family-owned business. A respected figure in Central Wisconsin’s remodeling scene, Tim’s induction into ‘The Legends of the Home Improvement Industry’ in 2022 highlights his impactful career. As a Business Development Specialist at Paradigm, LLC, he is at the forefront of revolutionizing residential construction with innovative tools like Paradigm Vendo™. Tim’s expertise in systemizing local businesses and his profound industry insights are invaluable assets to the Power100 mission in the $800+ billion exterior home remodeling industry.

We Give Exterior Remodeling CEOs The Recognition The Deserve.

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