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To Help You RECONNECT To Drive Business Growth

"The speed of life in 2024 creates clutter for everyone, especially top CEOs. There is already enough to worry about but when you add running a high-level business, it can amplify but hundred folds. That's why it is more important than ever to disconnect from the 'societal importances' and unwind once in a while. But, POWERTRIPS is not just any disconnect. It's sole purpose is to strip you of what you thought was important to help you dial in to what actually is. You are challenged mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually all to rediscover your purpose and drive to conquer the world. This is where rejuvenation and inspiration meet. This is POWERTRIPS!"

Greg Cummings, CEO

Clear Headspace to Spearhead Forward

It’s easy to get caught up in the swing when you wake up everyday to lead people. Naturally, great leaders are selfless. They think of and put others before themselves day in and day out. This is great as it is required to be great. But, it can also come with it’s own costs that eventually effect a CEO’s ability to lead at max capability.

POWERTRIPS offer the opportunity for high-level CEOs to get back to self. These trips are designed for you to reconnect with self at the most fundamental level. You will embark on mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually challenging journeys that less than 1% of the world’s population will ever get to experience. Completely isolated from the world you are accustomed. And the best part? You get to experience it with other like-minded high-level leaders & CEOs forming unspeakable bonds that last a lifetime. Comfort levels will be pushed and new levels of appreciation will be reached. Most importantly:

You will center back to true self ready to conquer the world once you return back to “civilized living”.

You will feel invigorated and possess a level of focus you were unaware you were absent of. POWERTRIPS can only be understood by experiencing them. They are life-altering and they will reset you to spearhead towards your company’s mission at full capacity. All POWERTRIPS are professionally guided. All gear & supplies are provided.

Top 5 Benefits of Joining POWERTRIPS

The benefits of experiencing POWERTRIPS can’t be put into words. Many doors and opportunities can present themselves just by showing up. But, here are the 5 most noteworthy:



Benefit #1:

Exclusive life-altering journeys with like-minded CEOs



Benefit #2:

Mental clearance for maximum brain power



Benefit #3:

Amplified drive, focus, & determination



Benefit #4:

Once in a lifetime memorable experiences



Benefit #5:

Gaining personal attributes that'll set your business on fire

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