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We Provide CEOs of Great Companies The Support They Need

The POWER Origin Story

Power100 was created from an unmet need for a genuine unbias third party platform, specifically for the exterior remodeling industry. There are so many CEOs leading a transformation of the residential construction market.  The issue is for every one great CEO, there are 100 bad ones that are willing to put their profits over client satisfaction.  So, we wanted to give these great CEOs a voice and by way of that, support them in whatever capacity they need to ensure they can continue to grow & shine a positive light on the industry. Continue reading to learn more about us, how we do accomplish our mission & our methods for continuing the march. 

“Power100 takes pride in providing the nation’s best CEOs with an opportunity to be see and heard within this $800+ billion industry.” 


Our mission is to be the #1 external resource for the best exterior remodeling CEOs In the country.

How We Find The Top Exterior Remodeling CEOs

Our 5-Layer Proprietary Ranking System

Power100’s 5-layer proprietary ranking system is the center-piece to how we find the best exterior remodeling leaders across the nation. Equipped with multiple internal dynamic algorithms and 2 separate points of human interaction, we combine the best of Ai, machine learning, and human intelligence in order to provide us a filtered & completely unbias list of the top 100 CEOs and leaders across this country within the home improvement space. POWER’s 5-layer proprietary ranking system can be broken down into 3 PILLARS:


Great companies have great leaders. They also have customers who will rave about them. The elements of customer satisfaction have a strong base in how our proprietary ranking system distills out the nation's top CEOs.


Great leaders run companies who take care of their employees. Well treated employees go to bat for the company day in and day out, ultimately reflecting on a company's bottom-line. All important cogs in our ranking system.


The best leaders have a direct & indirect impact on the communities they serve and operate in. They become a hard to miss beacon. The voice of a company's community has many important legs that influence our ranking system.

A Word From Our CEO...

We recognize that CEOs are inundated on a daily basis with a myriad of tasks, decisions, and meetings to attend. Power100 serves as a reliable resource for these leaders, offering trustworthy information that aids both their businesses and personal growth.

How We Serve The Nation's Best Leaders & CEOs

Top CEOs are some of the busiest human beings on the planet. It’s a natural by-product of doing great work in growing a company. To effectively lead a ship, knowing what is going on at every level to ensure the ship is and continues to operate at an optimum level requires time, dedication, and continual commitment. But, like everyone else seeking continuous growth, CEOs need external resources to challenge their systems, process, & scope of view both professionally and personally. Just as running a successful ship, this takes time, effort, and resources to do on a regular basis. Time these CEOs struggle to find.

This is where POWER100 steps in. We do the hard dedicated work of finding & providing what these CEOs need to bridge essential gaps in their businesses, thereby unlocking their next level of success. Here is how we have and will continue to serve and support high-level leaders & CEOs in the exterior remodeling space:

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Inside Power100's Mind

What We Do

Seems pretty clear. But, just in case you STILL don't know what we do...

Highlight Those Who Put In The Work

It's not easy running a company in the exterior remodeling industry. It's competitive and homeowners are - well homeowners. So, when you rise to become crème of the crop, you should be celebrated.
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How We Do It

How do we come up with our top CEO rankings? Well, take a look.

Experience Matters

Grounded in rigorous research and years of industry experience (team members who have actually ran successful exterior remodeling companies themselves), our ranking criteria is top of the line and we don't take it lightly.
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Why We Do It

Everyone should have a "why". It is the fuel that moves the train. Here is ours.

Window & Door CEOs Matter

Power100 is for exterior remodeling CEOs, & by those with experience in these high level roles. This business and the pressure that comes with executive level positions aren't for the faint hearted. So, a bit of acknowledgement is warranted.
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Exit out of your company on favorable terms. Power100 will help top CEOs looking to sell their company uncover what your ideal exit looks like. We will then orchestrate the introduction to the right buying partner and support the relationship to ensure it is a smooth one until the end. Let’s make your post sale journey the best journey yet. Click below to learn more.

The Nominees Are Rolling In...

We are currently taking your votes to determine the winners for 2024. These categories include Finance Partners, who are responsible for taking great companies to “National Elite Status” & the National Awards category where we recognize top national CEOs for specific categories. Click below to view the nominees for each category.

Finance Partner Nominees

Manufacturer Nominees

National Awards Nominees

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Think We Are Missing A Great CEO?

We’re the first to admit –  we’re not perfect. So, we lean on our community to fill in the gaps we may overlook. If there is an exterior home remodeling CEO you know who’s kicking butt and is not in the Power Rankings, then feel free to click below to nominate them. 

POWER100 Advisory Board

At Power100, we believe that innovation and strategic growth are driven by collaboration and diverse expertise. That’s why we’ve assembled a top-tier Advisory Board, comprising individuals who are leaders in their respective fields.

Advisory Board Member

Steve McNary
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Paul Burleson
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Advisory Board Member

Charlie Gindele
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Tom Traub
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Charlie Cina
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Advisory Board Member

Tim Musch
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We Give Exterior Remodeling CEOs The Recognition The Deserve.

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