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Mike Connors

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Titan Siding & Windows


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Power100 is a national publication that has narrowed down the Nation’s top 100 CEOs. Our exclusive database boasts a formidable 7,600 CEOs, and after scouring through them all with our 5-layer proprietary ranking system, we proudly announce CEO Mike Connors as the #82 CEO in the country.

Mike Connors is the President & CEO of Titan Siding, Windows and Exteriors, a renowned remodeling business with over 35 years of experience. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mike has been involved in every part of the remodeling process, from performing the work to estimating jobs and managing projects. Together with his wife Adelle, they founded the company with the vision of becoming the best in the industry. Through their dedication and perseverance, they have successfully achieved their goal, establishing Titan Siding, Windows and Exteriors as a trusted name in the remodeling business.


Mike Connors recognizes the negative perceptions associated with the remodeling industry, such as overpricing, poor customer service, and unreliability. In response, he and Adelle built their business around key principles to counter these perceptions. They prioritize retaining skilled and punctual workers, ensuring that clients feel valued and prioritized. By delivering top-notch projects at a fair price, Mike demonstrates his commitment to providing exceptional service and building lasting relationships with customers. His ability to address industry challenges head-on sets him apart as a leader in the field.


Throughout the years, Mike Connors and Titan Siding, Windows and Exteriors have made significant contributions to the community. They actively support various causes that directly impact the local community, including organizations such as Youth2Seniors, LTYA sports programs, Westwood Cheerleading, Battle for a Cure, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Red Cross, Goodwill, and many others. By investing in these initiatives, Mike and his company demonstrate their dedication to giving back and making a positive difference in the lives of those around them.

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Our company has +35 years of experience in the remodeling business. Involved in every part of the process from start to finish. We started our company with the dream of being the best in the industry and now we certainly achieved it!

Titan Siding & Windows

12112 Anderson Mill Rd Bldg. 11A Austin, TX 78276, United States

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