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Power100’s cutting-edge platform has a foundation of 7600 window and door CEOs and is equipped with our proprietary 5-layer ranking system that is programmed to rank the nation’s top 100 CEOs. Also, to provide 300 additional runner-ups or as listed on the website, “honorable mention.”

Power100 will create 10 pieces of custom content for the campaign

  1. Featured Interview Full Length
  2. Featured Interview 30-Second Teaser
  3. Featured Interview Response Article
  4. Featured Interview Response Video
  5. Podium Talk Full Length
  6. Podium Talk 30-Second Teaser
  7. Podium Talk Response Article
  8. Podium Talk Response Video
  9. Home Page & Banner Ads
  10. Duel Branded Gear to 50 CEOs

Through the Power Campaigns, we will address any common objections to your Brand, highlight achievements, educate on product offerings, and control the narrative of what is being said about your Brand.  The entire Power100 platform was created to show the Nation how great you company is and here to verify it! See below for a summary of post activity:

  • 20 Top 100 Rollout Posts (Sponsored)
  • 50 Individual CEO Posts (Sponsored)
  • 540 Total, 2 Daily Posts 5 days/week 
  • 52 Original Content Posts (About Sponsor)
  • 3 Banners on Main Webpages
  • 12 Banners on Power100 Ranking Page 
  • 365 (daily) Duel Branded Power100 Post
  • 3 Banners on 50 Sponsored CEO Pages
  • Logo on all Top 100 Power Ranking Posts
  • Logo & Link on all Power100 Emails


Our sponsors will receive a custom landing page where their value proposition, mantra, and specific “Power100 Offerings”  will be displayed for a mass amount of exposure to each company on the list they choose to sponsor.

One of our most value-driving platforms is our podcast, PowerChat. Sponsors have the opportunity to sponsor one of these powerful episodes, allowing their brand to receive not only a massive amount of targeted exposure but a higher probability of conversions as PowerChat naturally positions Power100 as a trusted authority in the industry allowing any entity attached to the podcast to ride the wave.

Our sponsors will have their logo, mantra and direct link to the landing pages of all 500 CEO’s in Power100’s Ranking List(s) database.

Power100 will make personal introductions between our sponsors and the CEO’s they chose to sponsor.

*All sponsors need to be approved by Power100 before any sponsorship is finalized. Each is subjected to a 5-layer ranking system, as we only partner with top-quality sponsors to uphold the integrity of our mission.

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