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Our team is always at work dealing with the preliminary elements that make up the next Power100 list. Rigorously going through each and every aspect of our ranking system. Monitoring every exterior remodeling company across the nation. Things change on a daily basis.  If you want to stay in the loop on the next Power100, National & Awards lists,  this is the page to keep an eye on.

Launch Date:

January 1st 2024

Rankings will be released over a 4-day period leading up to launch date:

July 1st: #100-#76

July 2nd: #75-#51

July 3rd: #50-#26

July 4th: #25-#1

See National Power Rankings 2023:

Launch Date:

January 1st 2024

National Charitable Leader Award

National Customer Service Leader Award

National Employee Culture Leader Award

National Impact Leader Award

National Technological Leader Award

National Improved Leader Award

This Year's Award Nominees:


Press Release Dates

As a media company, we clearly understand the importance of being in it. So, coming new to the Power100 community, Press Releases will become a regular thing for us. This will be where you can check it all out.


Other Important Dates

In 2023, we will be adding more important dates the the Power100 community because we have more than just Power Ranking Lists and Press Releases hitting the market. Any other dates will be found here.

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