Great companies have great leaders

Great companies
have great leaders


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Steve McNary

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Charlie Gindele

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Tom Traub

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Charlie Cina

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James Freeman


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What We Do

Seems pretty clear. But, just in case you STILL don't know what we do...

Highlight Those Who Put In The Work

It's not easy running a company in the window & door industry. It's competitive and homeowners are - well homeowners. So, when you rise to become crème of the crop, you should be celebrated.
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How We Do It

How do we come up with our top CEO rankings? Well, take a look.

Experience Matters

Grounded in rigorous research and years of industry experience (team members who have actually ran successful window companies themselves), our ranking criteria is top of the line and we don't take it lightly.
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Why We Do It

Everyone should have a "why". It is the fuel that moves the train. Here is ours.

Window & Door CEOs Matter

Power100 is for Window & Door CEOs, by those with experience in these high level roles. This business and the pressure that comes with executive level positions aren't for the faint hearted. So, a bit of acknowledgement is warranted.
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The Nominees Are Rolling In...

We are currently taking your votes to determine the winners for 2024. These categories include Preferred Partners, who are responsible for taking great companies to “National Elite Status” & the National Awards category where we recognize top national CEOs for specific categories. Click below to view the nominees for each category.

Preferred Partner Nominees

Manufacturer Nominees

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Are you a ranked CEO?

Power100 is an elite network of the best of the best in the industry and we look forward to hosting you on PowerChat soon. Book your spot ASAP as we are currently in the process of recording. PowerChat Series will air in 2024!

Think We Are Missing A Great CEO?

We’re the first to admit –  we’re not perfect. So, we lean on our community to fill in the gaps we may overlook. If there is a window & door CEO you know that’s kicking butt and is not in the Power Rankings, then feel free to click below to nominate them. 

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We encourage our community to reach out if they have any questions, concerns, or want to schedule a call. We are not here for complaining, but we are here to help.


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